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On Calchub, calculations appear just as they would on a piece of paper which makes them easier to review and verify. Our state-of-the-art math editor makes inputting math on a computer intuitive and attractive.
Much like a spreadsheet, all of the math on Calchub is exectuable. Unlike a spreadsheet, Calchub supports everything from complex integrals and derivatives to user-defined functions to plots and more.
Sharing math on a computer could not be easier. As long as your calculation is public, simply send a link to whoever you would like to show your work. All Calchub calcs can also be embedded into any website just as you would a YouTube video.
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Enter math just like you would write it on a piece of paper, no learning curve.
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Calchub is looking for forward thinkers who are excited about the possibilities of an open-source math community. If you love math and engineering and want to be a part of the future of mathematics, click the link and sign up for our beta!
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